Orion Wood Gun

Collections: Spearguns

Product type: Spearguns

Vendor: OMER


Availability: Unavailable


Teak laminate speargun with fluid lines and solid mass.  The ergonomic handle guarantees a firm grip during maneuvering and firing.  The trigger release is very sensitive thanks to the Invictus trigger mechanism.  The use of teak strips laminated in the opposite direction makes it rigid and resistant to marine environments.  the generous volume of the barrel allows the gun to be equipped with a larger shaft without compromising maneuverability.  The open muzzle allows inserting up to 4 circular bands.  Once bands are loaded, they follow the barrel along the shaft, reducing the protrusions and favoring maneuverability.


  • Invictus trigger
  • Laminated Teak barrel
  • 7mm shaft
  • 2 16mm bands (guns sized 90-100)
  • 3 16mm bands (guns sized 115-140)
  • Available in  90, 100, 115, 130, 140cm


  • Cured Teak
  • 7mm shaft with option to accept up to 8.5mm
  • 3 lead ballast locations