JBL Travel Polespear 3-Piece
JBL Travel Polespear 3-Piece

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Extra rigid, the JBL Breakdown Travel 3-Piece Pole Spear transfers maximum energy without any virtual flex. This machine-swage JBL spear ensures increased hydrodynamics. It delivers great speed with reduced water disruption. This 3-piece pole spear comes with precision-machined seamless unions that allow unlimited extendibility. The threaded stainless steel tip and full adjustable sling length accepts 6mm point. Made from tempered aluminum, the pole spear has a replaceable surgical rubber black sling that adjusts quickly for desired power variations. It is easy to break down the 72" pole spear into 24" three pieces. The JBL Breakdown Travel 3-Piece Pole Spear allows putting in your backpack or luggage without any difficulty.

Technical Specs:

  • JBL Breakdown Travel 3-Piece Pole Spear
  • Gold Standard Pole Spear
  • 6063 Tempered Aluminum Poles, Anodized Hard Gold
  • Flex-Free Energy Transfer
  • Machine-Swage 3-Piece Spear for Improved Hydrodynamics
  • Great Speed w-Reduced Water Disruption
  • Threaded Stainless Steel End Accepts 6mm Points
  • Easy-to-Replace Surgical Rubber Black Sling
  • Sling Easily Adjusts for Desired Power Variations
  • Stainless Steel Hardened Spring Tips
  • Break Down Spear Pole for Quick & Easy Storage
  • 6' (183 cm) Assembled Length
  • Spear Pole Breaks Down Easily to 24" (61 cm) Three Lengths
  • Single Point Barb Rock Spear Tip & Paralyzer (Included)
  • Carry Case (Included)