Fusion Boot
Fusion Boot

Product type: Drywear Accessories

Vendor: Aqua Lung


Availability: Unavailable


Our most rugged drysuit boot made of heavy-duty vulcanized rubber-coated neoprene for extreme abrasion resistance. The Fusion Boots also have a tough, anti-slip sole for a sure footing on slippery, rocky, or unstable surfaces. Compatible with any of our Fusion Drysuits.


  • Easy Connect Hook-and-loop attachment method allows boot to be connected and disconnected easily from your drysuit leg
  • Sock Lock Plastic insert fits inside the Fusion drysock, locking the sock into the boot
  • Vulcanized Rubber Entire boot made of vulcanized rubber-coated neoprene for extreme abrasion resistance
  • Fin Strap Stop Molded relief at heel keeps your fin strap secured in place
  • Easy On Loop Pull-on loop facilitates putting the boot on
  • Micro Drainage Small holes allow water to flow out, preventing sloshing when walking on land