Faber High Pressure Steel Cylinders

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Vendor: XS Scuba


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  • 3442 psi (237 bar) working pressure
  • Phosphatized-cleaned interior
  • O2 cleaned for use with up to 40% pre-blended nitrox
  • Includes self-draining tank boot with round rim
  • Comes standard with Thermo PRO Valve
  • Come in either Hot Dip Galvanized or Gun Metal Gray

Hot Dip Galvanized: The most durable corrosion free exterior finish possible.  The process involves submerging the cylinder into molten zinc which then metallurgically bonds to the steel.

Gun Metal Gray: Triple protected finish for long lasting durability.  Process includes a zinc galavanization spray followed by an epoxy paint and then a polyurethane top coat.