Aqua Maraca

Aqua Maraca




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Being able to hear while diving is just as important as being able to see. Make yourself heard and signal dive buddies with the AquaMaraca Rattler Noise Signal Device. Lightweight, reliable and audible to over 30 feet. Bright colors make it easy to find in your gear bag and while underwater.

Don't let the AquaMaraca's compact form fool you -- this is a dead-simple, reliable tool for underwater communication. Whether you're running low on air, have spotted a gigantic sea turtle or simply want to return to the surface, the AquaMaraca Rattler makes communicating with other divers quick and easy.


  • Bright, high-visibility colors make finding the AquaMaraca easy
  • Audible over 30 feet to communicate and signal dive buddies
  • Lightweight and compact to transport underwater
  • Simply designed for reliability and quick signalling
  • Note: this product is lightweight and will float unless secured